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Our mission is to assist and develop. Assist you in achieving your project of owning a piece of the Riviera and attaining your sustainable development goals.

We offer you access to our knowledge gained through years of hard work, successes and failures which have led to a vast experience.

If you are looking to sell or buy a property we can assist you and give you access to all the information and support you need in order to make the best decision that matches your expectations or investment criteria. We will accompany you in every step of the process and be available before, during and after the transaction. We work with real estate agents specialized in a specific area or type of property so you will not have to waste your time with someone that cannot provide the right service. We will translate and explain all documentation related to the property in cause like energetic diagnostics or previous AG minutes reports. We can accompany you at the Notaire and again translate for you and explain so that you can be sure you understand the transaction in its totality.

Consultancy in the property buying/selling process. We can accompany you in the property search and all the other related legal procedures.


Once you have become the proud owner of a property you could be faced with a few bureaucratic challenges. Again we will be there for you to make sure everything is done in order and in a fair delay. Deciding on a service provider, on a type of contract or on a fare is not always obvious so we can assist you in choosing the best alternative for you and then proceed to set up all the required contracts.
If you are a co-owner in a property you will have to attend the yearly Home Owners Association meeting and you will be required to vote on certain resolutions or you might be in the position when you are the one making a request that needs a vote. We can represent you in these situations, prepare all necessary documentation and advise you on what could work best in your and your property’s interest.

Assistance with the utilities setup - electricity, water,house insurance, internet, comunal contracts (Syndic)


If you decide to renovate or refurbish your property you might be in the situation where you cannot be present all the time to supervise the works carried out. We can be your eyes on the spot and make sure that deadlines are respected, deliveries are done on time and in general everything is going according to the plan. And in case that there is something that goes wrong we are here to help you sort out even the most difficult situations that might arise.

Supervision of any renovations or refurbishing of the property


We can assist you in finding the right person for the right job. Whether you need a gardener, a renovation company, a plumber or cleaning staff we can put you in touch with the best person for the job. We will always offer you a choice and then supervise their work in order to make sure your property is well looked after and that the services you have subscribed for are fulfilled.

Mediation with third parties service providers


Finding the right person to manage your asset is not an easy task. We strongly believe that for a work relationship to function, compatibility is mandatory. Compatibility of work ethics, a good understanding of the property’s requirements and a perfect communication. Your expectations must match our capabilities. With over 12 years of experience in property management in the South of France we can propose to you a custom management plan which would suit your needs. Whether you wish to rent your property to holiday makers or make it available just for friends and family we can come up with the right solution.

Short or long term management of your property

Property Management

Some homeowners might require a simple key holding service. With this service we propose you to safely keep a set of your keys with us. We can agree on a monthly or every fortnight visit to your property to do a simple check to make sure everything is in order. We can check to see if you have received any letters and transfer them to you if required. Also we will make sure to be available 24/7 to go to your property in case of an emergency. This service reassures all our owners that someone is always ready on the spot to give access to their property during their absence.

We will securely hold a set of your keys ready to respond to your property at any time, day or night.

Key holding