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Katja apartment

One of my first properties and one of my dearest is the Katja apartment. Located in the heart of the Old Town of Nice, in a building classified as a historical monument and home to the famous Nice restaurant Chez Acchiardo.

One fun fact - the building is considered a historical monument because of the hundred years old hand carved stairs railing.
"I started to manage the apartment in 2010 and what a journey it has been!"

the story:

  • Renovation
    The first project was the renovation of the bathroom in order to prepare the apartment for holiday rentals. As soon as this was done 6 years of successful rentals began.
  • Charm
    Guests were charmed by the authenticity of the apartment, the high end furnishings that the owner himself refreshed every year, the location of the property and the five stars service that they had during their stay.
  • Fun fact
    Another fun fact - the apartment still has the original doors which are at least 200 years old and which at first sight seem badly installed. In fact this was done on purpose to avoid heat loss - if someone would forget to close the door behind them then the door would shut itself.
  • Relationship
    During this time I assisted the owner in all his exchanges with the building management which at that time was done by the other owners themselves. Having a personal direct relationship with the other owners has allowed a lot of projects to come to life and improve the 500 years old building while maintaining it also in a beautiful state.

Then the owner decided to have a long term tenant in his property so for the past few years it has been occupied by a lovely tenant who looks very well after the apartment and which we assist with all the issues that have arised over time. In fact he is so happy with being there that he wants to buy it in order to make it his permanent home.
Which brings us to a new project for which we will assist the owner 100%.