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FRENCH Riviera

The French Riviera has always been a land of inspiration which attracted the most famous artists and royalties. So it is only logical that everyone wants to own a piece of this amazing land and start living the dream as soon as possible.

The French Riviera lifestyle has become a brand in itself and it is known worldwide. Once you have had a taste of it, it becomes almost impossible to stay away. As charming and exciting as it would look from the outside it can be quite a struggle to become a part of their system.

A few words About us

After the excitement of seeing yourself a property owner has passed, the details of sorting everything can leave you feeling a bit lonely in front of the huge mass of rules and regulations, norms and laws and other bureaucracy.

We created this company exactly for people like you. We are here to help you see the sunshine again through the clouds and take away the burden of making everything in order.

No matter how small your task is or how complicated, we have never say no and never give up policy. And if we cannot find a solution within our own company we can assure you that we have the right partner ready to assist you.

With an experience of over 12 years in property management on the Cote d’Azur you can believe us when we say we have seen it all! And although the French system never ceases to amaze us, we are trying to keep on top with all the new laws, changes in regulations and policies and so on. And you can be as well even if you are not yet a client by subscribing to our NEWSLETTER.

Thank you so much for all your invaluable assistance, help, advice and professionalism over all these years we have worked together. - David Hoey


We help you set the foundation of your French Riviera life and lifestyle. From setting up the basic utilities up to introducing you to our amazing network of experts and locals which will show you what to do or definitely not to do in order to get the full living experience in the South of France. As we all know a good foundation is vital for being able to build a strong and durable structure.

We offer you access to our knowledge gained through years of hard work, successes and failures which have led to a vast experience.

When the adventure started 12 years ago little did we know that we would get to meet so many amazing people and experience the craziest and most beautiful life stories. Because owning a property is a part of your life and it is quite an active part even if we are talking about material possession. Your property grows with you, needs attention and care and maybe most important of all it needs to be loved. In order for it to be loved it needs that everyone involved in its care has the same passion and attention for their field disregard less if we are talking about your gardener or your interior designer or the person doing the maintenance.

Helping people achieve their French Riviera Dreams since 2010!



Consultancy in the property buying/selling process. We can accompany you in the property search and all the other related legal procedures.

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Assistance with the utilities setup - electricity, water, house insurance, internet, comunal contracts (Syndic)

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Supervision of any renovations or refurbishing of the property.

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